The 6th Annual Garden Day Celebration

 is 17 June  at ACP Campus   

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"Garden Teams Dominated Early Fifties in Basketball,"   re-print from The Virginia Mountaineer.

"Shot's Shot made Basketball History"
by Lloyd Combs, Sports Reporter, extracted from an article in the The Virginia Mountaineer.

...How Our Garden Grows" by Obra R. Simpson, The Virginia Mountaineer - Thursday, August 9, 1962 - page 1 of Special Edition

"Garden Sports History Given by Vet Coach" Article by Coach P. L. Williams, The Virginia Mountaineer - Thursday, August 9, 1962 - page 4B.

Coxton is Still a Success - Former County Standout Remembers Days at Garden"
by Lloyd Combs, Sports Reporter for The Virginia Mountaineer

"FROM THE HEARTHSIDE" by Mrs. Obra R. Simpson, published in The Virginia Mountaineer - Thursday, August 22, 1991 - page 5B.

"Coxton Brothers Retire from Public Service after 72 Years" article submitted to The Virginia Mountaineer, April, 2001.

"Keen Mountain says farewell to an icon of imagination" by Tom Colley,  printed Sept 2, Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

"No One Saw Garden Coming 30 Year Ago"
by Tim Hayes of the Bristol Herald Courier, 27 Oct 2016.


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