Triggered by a dream, a photo, maybe a song or an old movie… how many times have you sat back and entertained an old memory from TMI, the Garden Community or Garden High School? Sometimes a nameless face when you look through an old family album, or someone you meet that reminds you of an old friend, a business acquaintance with a similar name or maybe a friend’s brother or sister?

"I should have said this, I never should have done that. If only I’d kept in touch…"  How much is a special moment in time worth? What would you give to share a memory with an old friend? Can you ever go home?  Yes, you can......."our special 'Dragon Spirit' truly comes alive on a Garden Day Community celebration at the Appalachian College of Pharmacy Campus in Oakwood, VA."  Plan now to attend the "annual" Garden Day celebration sponsored on a June Saturday co-sponsored by the Garden Alumni and the Appalachian College of Pharmacy.  Photos from the last 5 Garden Day (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016) celebrations are posted on this website.  See who you know and "enjoy!"

Also, we invite Friends and Alumni of Garden High School to rekindle favorite Dragon moments and share the warm and fuzzies with separated friends, past lovers, and those that have past on. if you are have an interesting memory, a story or photo you’d like to share, please send an email with your short story, description or photo and we’ll post it on this website for all to see.

Review our Fallen Dragon  page (or our 2002 to 2008 Fallen Orbituary page) which are dedicated to the Garden Alumni/Friends. Our orbituary list only covers up to around 2008/2009.  From that time, folks interested in  Alumni obituary records should go the Garden High Alumni Facebook page (

Also, review the Faculty SectionReunion Section for Classes '41 to '52, and Contrary Elementary School for 1951/52